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General Terms & Conditions

1. Content

1.1 If a function goes on for longer than 24 hrs, an additional charge will be made for each started hour after 24 hrs.

1.2 The PALACE LUZERN reserves the right to change room reservations for meetings, meals, etc. as long as this meets the requirements and interests of the organiser and are justifiable for them; in particular if the original number of participants changes by the date of the function.

1.3 The PALACE LUZERN reserves the right to charge the following surcharges for short-term changes, postponements or delays of more than 30 minutes.

< 60 persons CHF 200.--
60 -100 persons CHF 300.--
100-150 persons CHF 350.--
150-200 persons CHF 400.--
> 200 persons
CHF 500.--

1.4 Porterage : CHF 14 in & out / per person

1.5 Distribution of gifts: if desired for CHF 5 per room; the distribution will take place after 14 hrs.

1.6 Garbage collection: Please note that we charge CHF 60 per cubic meter for the disposal of congress material like documents, boxes etc.

1.7 The supplement for breakfast service before 7 hrs is CHF 450 for every started hour before 7 hrs.

1.8 The PALACE LUZERN will provide the requested rooms. Check-In on arrival day is from 15 hrs on and check-out until 12 hrs on departure day. If the PALACE LUZERN is for some reason not able to provide the requested rooms, it is committed to organize a property of equal quality and taking care of all supplement costs like transportation and accommodation which arise the contracted rates.

2. Co-ordination

2.1 No later than 14 days prior to the event the organiser must send a final program, details of the conference, room arrangements and technical equipment as well as all information which the PALACE LUZERN needs for a smooth running of the event.

2.2 The organisers shall inform the PALACE LUZERN representative concerning any last-minute program changes or additional requirements even during the event.

2.3 The organiser shall provide the full details of the proceeding (such as speeches and entertainment) at least 24 hours before the event takes place. And 2 weeks prior the event the correct rooming list.

2.4 The PALACE LUZERN can guarantee perfect quality of food and beverages only if the participants arrive at the agreed time or if the organiser changes the starting time in agreement with the representative of the Hotel (at least 1 hour in advance).

3. Terms of payment and cancellation

3.1 Accounts submitted by the PALACE LUZERN shall be payable without deductions within ten days of the date of such accounts.

3.2 The PALACE LUZERN normally acts on the assumption that all invoices are chargeable to the organiser; if they wish as special form of settlement or a particular appointment of the invoice they must so inform the PALACE LUZERN before the function concerned. The organiser shall be responsible for any invoices left unpaid by the participants.

3.3 In case of a short term cancellation the PALACE LUZERN reserves the right to charge the reimbursement for expected meal costs and rentals.

  • Food & Beverage /Rental / Daily package
Dates Dates Cancellation fee.--
7 days prior the event 100% of the defined room rent and 75% of F&B arrangements.* 75% ot the defined daily package.
14 days prior the event 75% of the defined room rent and the F&B arrangements.* 50% ot the defined daily package.
1 month prior the event 25% of the defined room rent and the F&B arrangements.* 25% ot the defined daily package.
2 months prior the event 10% of the defined room rent and the F&B arrangements.* 10% ot the defined daily package.

* if no food defined, the following amounts will be used as a basis charge:

· Apéro CHF 16
· Cocktail CHF 45
· Lunch & Dinner CHF 70

  • Rooms / Seminar packages
Dates Required pre-payment on or before the mentioned date Cancellation fee up to the mentionned dates
6 months before arrival 10% of total rooms amount  
120 days before arrival None max. 20% of the actual reservations can be cancelled without cost
90 days before arrival 30% of total rooms amount max. 15% of the actual reservations can be cancelled without cost
60 days before arrival None max. 10% of the actual reservations can be cancelled without cost
30 days before arrival 50 % of total rooms amount max. 5% of the actual reservations can be cancelled without cost

For cancellation that are made after 30 days before arrival, 100% will be charged.

4. Liability

4.1 In general the organiser shall be liable in full for loss or damage caused by themselves or through their employees or other assistants or through participants of the function. It is incumbent on the organiser to take out appropriate insurance cover in this respect.

4.2 The organisers alone shall be responsible for loss of or damage to articles brought with them. The PALACE LUZERN shall be liable only within the legal provisions. This agreement also concerns the materials sent in advance.

4.3 If the PALACE LUZERN makes technical equipment or any other items available to the organiser or obtains them from a third party it is acting on behalf of the organiser. The organiser shall be liable for the proper care and return of these objects and shall exempt the PALACE LUZERN from all claims by third parties arising from the transfer of such objects.

5. Applicable law and legal domicile

5.1 To the above contract only Swiss law is applicable.

5.2 The two parties agree on Lucerne as the only legal domicile.