Function rooms

The grand hotel atmosphere of the PALACE LUZERN always provides the suitable setting, regardless of the type of event you are planning. The total of 14 rooms can be adapted to suit group sizes ranging from 4 to 350 participants.

Room Max. capacity   Room Max. capacity
Ambassadeur: 400 people   Solti: 70 people
Ambassadeur Nord: 220 people   Solti I: 30 people
Ambassadeur Sued: 150 people   Solti II: 30 people
Salon Bleu: 120 people   Réduit: 20 people
Bernstein: 90 people   Les Artistes 130 people
Bernstein I: 45 people   Relais: 50 people
Bernstein II: 45 people   La Terrasse: 40 people
Karajan: 100 people   Menuhin: 20 people
Karajan I: 60 people      
Karajan II: 60 people